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* The Name Your Own Price® Winning Bid examples shown above are typical of accepted customer bids for these areas and car classes. They are actual bids offered by Priceline Name Your Own Price® customers and accepted by Priceline for reservations made in the last 21 days of the email send date. Winning bids are suggested offer amounts only, and there is no guarantee that your bid will be accepted. Bids do not include taxes and fees. Savings claim based on a comparison of Priceline Name Your Own Price® accepted offers to the lowest available retail rate on leading online travel websites for the same location, car class and pick up and drop off dates and for rates available on the same day as the Name Your Own Price offer. Savings are not guaranteed. Priceline's Name Your Own Price® reservation service is different from fixed price travel sites. With Priceline's Name Your Own Price® reservation service, the exact rental car company is shown only after purchase. All sales final. There is no guarantee that specific rental cars, dates or prices will be available.
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